Eight Reasons to Join the #Fantribution Revolution 

Are you dreading all the work required from YOU for them to participate? Selling, gathering money, picking up and delivery of orders fall on the shoulders of parents.  Don’t forget to add all the extra communication and driving around — increasing stress to an already packed schedule.   

If you’re anything like us, you’re done with all that time spent on fundraising and you’re likely feeling pretty salty about all that is involved in the whole fundraising situation – we feel you!  That’s why we decided to revolutionize fundraising to Gifting with a Purpose, forming #Fantribution. 

#Fantribution is not your mother’s fundraiser!  

Here’s why YOU need the #Fantribution Revolution: Gifting with Purpose! 

  1. There is absolutely ZERO cost to you!  Except of course when you see all our super-cute customizable products then you will be adding items to your cart like it’s a blue light special at the super center! 
  1. No Payment Collections.  Seriously — this is HUGE!  You don’t have to worry about cash, check, or payment apps for your kid to participate in selling.  We take care of all payment processing for you!  Meaning: You won’t need to rearrange your schedule OR drive all over town! 
  1. Everything is online!  And guess that that means? No more crinkled, torn, coffee-stained, or lost catalogs and order forms! 
  1. Share on Social! We want you to have the easiest time fundraising with #Fantribution – so we give you social content to COPY, PASTE, and SHARE onto your social networks and email!  YES – IT’S REALLY THAT EASY! 
  1. Inspire.  We’ve created inspirational images and content for creative gifting with purpose – we have even thought of incredible gift ideas for your friends and family.  Which means: No more aimless wanderings through store aisles searching for the perfect gift for Uncle Ted. 
  1. Gift with Purpose.  Not only are you finding Ah-Mazing gifts for every person, occasion, and price point – but for every gift that is purchased from your fundraiser, 20% supports your cause.   
  1. Save at the Pump.  #Fantribution takes care of ALL shipping to Fans who have supported you by Gifting with Purpose.  Whether they bought for themselves, or Cousin Sara across the country, gifts ship direct – so you won’t need to deliver – saving you time and money! 
  1. #Fantriubtion Team.  We have made it our mission to ensure you have success.  Which is why we have a dedicated team to get you all the information you need to help unite your fans along the way.   

Check out our FREE Top 5 Secrets from our Playbook for Successful Fundraising HERE. 

#Fantribution is truly the easiest fundraiser you will find – because it was developed by busy parents just like YOU.  We know how hard fundraisers of the past were and wanted something easy – easier than getting our kids to brush their teeth in the morning. 

We started the #Fantribution Revolution to bring you Gifting with a Purpose and help you raise the funds your need.

Are you ready to unite your fans and spend more time doing the things you want?  

Let’s Go! Click HERE to get started! 

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Enjoy this article? Share it!

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