F.P. Horak Launches New Fundraising Program

[SAGINAW, MICHIGAN]—July 16th 2023— For over 75 years, F.P. Horak, has continued to evolve in print, mail, eCommerce, marketing, distribution, corporate gifting, and fulfillment. An increased demand for corporate gifting services prompted F.P. Horak to expand the selection of corporate gifting kits and products offered. Customizable plus personalized products and kits have surged corporate gifts from mundane to thoughtful and amazing! Now, CEO and third generation owner Marisa Horak Belotti, is not only proud to announce a new service to their clients, with corporate gifting, but also a new business venture, #Fantribution. #Fantribution, an online fundraising platform, evolves fundraising into gifting with a purpose. With resilience, hard work and dedication to clients, F.P. Horak is continuing the legacy of taking care of their customers and investing in their community.

#Fantribution, is an easy alternative to fundraisers of the past for organizations of various structures. Nonprofits, extracurricular groups, schools, youth groups, or sports teams, can effortlessly utilize #Fantribution to raise funds for their group and unite their “fans” at the same time. #Fantribution was developed through an idea rooted in intentional gifting to others, collaborated by F.P. Horak employees, who are also busy parents of equally busy kids. Through the gifting of high-quality products that are customizable with interests, hobbies, names, catchphrases, inside jokes, monograms, partnership with Zak & Mac’s prominent chocolate Haus, JournalsUnlimited, Ice Shaker, Otterbox, Asobu, Beast, and soon to be adding wearables, hats, and slides! 20% of sales goes back to the organization raising funds, and the best part is #Fantribution takes care of all payment processing and ships direct to homes!

Horak Belotti is proud to be surrounded by a strong team whose ideation and intrapreneurial spirit, a system that allows an employee to act like an entrepreneur within a company or other organization, leverage the company’s capabilities to evolve and exceed the ever- changing business environment. The F.P. Horak team is passionate about giving back to their community, a fostered atmosphere at the business and the origins of #Fantribution.

#Fantribution has five product lines for selecting gifts with purpose, and hundreds of personalized gifting possibilities for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, or any day that ends in “y”.

Visit www.fantribution.org for more information on how you can create your own unique fundraising journey andrally your fans to unite by gifting with purpose! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and/or Pinterest.

About The F.P. Horak Company:
From mom-and-pop shops to global corporations, we work with clients of all industries and sizes to create mind-blowing results for their print and mail, e-commerce technology, supply chain, and omnichannel marketing needs and campaigns. Our bold approach has made us a leader in our industries for more than 75 years. Our talented team, incredible clients, and drive to create the best results keep us pushing to break boundaries and never settle for less than the best.

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